How to Hire the Right Mobile App Development Agency – Our Guide

Author: James DevelopmentDecember 19, 2019

Nowadays, the utilisation of technological advancements is paramount in any given business setting. It's become so important for any modern business to invest in new forms of technology. It can improve your business operations in terms of quality, productivity, and overall efficiency.

With the rise of the smartphone, many businesses are looking to integrate mobile apps into their operations. Both iOS apps and Android apps have become so popular and companies all over the globe are leveraging these technologies to deliver services to clients in a new way as well as streamlining their existing operations.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

The rise of the iPhone and Android phones has meant that businesses need to change with the times. It's now all about how you can leverage the mobile phone to your business' advantage. If you're thinking about building a mobile app, you could explore three main categories:

  1. Creating a new digital product in the form of an app
  2. Digitising one of your old analog services
  3. Creating an app that improves your internal operations

However, inside of those three categories, understanding exactly what you need to do can be a challenge. That's why when you are in the process of updating your technology, it's best to hire an app development agency who has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to perform the needed tasks. Looking for the right agency can be such a daunting process. Hiring the right one, however, is crucial to the success of your business project.

What to Do When Hiring An App Development Agency?

For your guide and reference, follow the three valuable tips below when choosing an app development agency for your business.

1. Set your project goals.

No business project will be successfully carried out without clearly defining the project goals, objectives, and needs. If you decide on investing in a new app or upgrading your business technology, it makes sense to start by setting your project goals and plans. Keep in mind that these steps should be aligned with what your company strives to achieve in terms of technological advancements and business contributions.

With clearly defined project goals, you can proceed to assess the prospective firms' expertise, communication style, personnel, and proposed project approach.

2. Make sure any potential App Development Agency has the requisite skills.

What do you need from an app development agency? Is it pure app development? Do you need them to do the UI design as well? Do you need to put together an app launch campaign?

So that you can work this out, we have outlined some of the common skills inside a full-stack app development agency:

  • UI/UX– app designers, who will create a user interface with user experience in mind;
  • iOS Development – app developers that specialises in creating iPhone apps;
  • Android Development – app developers that specialises in creating Android apps;
  • Web Development – software developers that specialises in creating web applications;
  • API Specialist – software developers that specialises in app integrations;
  • UAT Testers – internal testers that will ensure that your app is working within the agreed scope;
  • Digital Marketing – marketeers, who can handle your launch strategy, including App Store Optimisation, SEO and advertising.

You don't necessarily need an app development agency with all of the above. However, it's important you work out what you do need before approaching app companies.

3. Ask relevant questions.

After establishing your project goals and requirements, you can now create a list of prospects and set an appointment to conduct interviews with them. During the interview process with your prospective agencies, it's crucial to ask relevant questions that add value to your business and technology.

When drafting your queries, there are three aspects that you should be able to extract from them: their knowledge, technical skills, and expertise in the field or industry. Also, take into consideration their consulting experience, communication style, and collaboration. The key here really is to ask relevant questions so that you can consider whether or not they will be a good fit for your business.

4. Conduct research for references.

Once you have completed the interviews, do not think that the assessment stops at this point. I'm sure you will have already reviewed their portfolios and demoed some of their applications, as well as gained insights about their knowledge, skills, and experiences. The next step is to validate their claims by acquiring references from their clients.

The true measure of their success is what their clients really have to say about their work. This is why it's so important to reach out to these individuals. Check for their work ethics, outputs, and working relationships with the clients. You can also perform online searches to find positive or negative reviews regarding the agency. From there, you'll be able to assess which agency is ideal for your business project needs.

Things to avoid when Hiring an App Development Agency

Here are a few things to listen out for that you should probably avoid when choosing your preferred app development company:

  1. Have no apps live on the app store;
  2. Can't build native mobile applications (only hybrid);
  3. Have one developer that does both iOS and Android (one-man band);
  4. Need most or all of the funds upfront;
  5. Don't have a contract or agreement.

Final words

Looking for and selecting the right app development agency to help with your business' unique needs can be a bit challenging. That said, make sure to define your goals, understand requirements; ask relevant questions, and perform research, including seeking referrals.

If you’re still looking for an app developer in Sydney, we’re an app development agency based out of Sydney CBD so please feel free to get in touch with us today!

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