Mobile App Ideas for 2020: Being Unique is the Key to Making Money

Author: James StartupsDecember 13, 2019

I'm sure you are trying to think of mobile app ideas for 2020. You must have heard about the successes of tech startups launching applications. However, it's unlikely that you also heard about all the trials and tribulations these startups went through to become successful. It takes a huge amount of effort to make money from a mobile app.

So how did these startups with novel app ideas become successful enough to earn such amounts of money? Firstly they had a solid foundation, which was able to withstand any and all competition, making their app more profitable. With profits flowing in they were able to double down on marketing and R&D. In tech, it's all about having the latest features, leverage any coding tools and deliver a beautiful, easy to use UI. You have to build your business from the ground up with the right strategy to make money and top quality personnel on your side.

However is the above enough to make a difference in a market, where mobile app downloads are expected to reach $352.9 billion by 2021? Will your mobile app stand out from the crowd? Will you earn the money you have dreamed of?

In my opinion, you will not make a dent in the app world if you are just going to try and re-skin a clichéd app ideas. Instead, you need a unique and innovative mobile app idea.

9 tips for choosing unique mobile app ideas

Tech ideas are a dime a dozen. That's why you have to be strategic with your startup. If you want to earn money from apps, follow these great tips:

1. Come up with a unique app idea that solves a problem

2. Leverage the skills and knowledge you already possess within your niche

3. Do in-depth research of your market and other related apps

4. Know your customer, especially the innovators that will be the first to use your app

5. Analyze your competitors and do their best features better

6. Approach your app in a unique and interesting way

7. Understand industry and app trends, especially in terms of UI/UX design

8. Highlight your "why" and create a back story that gives your users a connection to you

9. Create a PR buzz around your app's launch

The best mobile app ideas for 2020

Need some inspiration for your new tech business? Here are some ideas for apps that will make money in 2020:

App Idea 1 – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mobile App Idea - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the Future

iOS and Android apps have become extremely popular in the past 10 years. However "simple" apps have saturated the Apple Store and Google Play Store. To overcome this, you need to think smarter. It's less about the phone helping you and more about your smartphone actually performing tasks for you. The best examples are the smart assistants (Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa).

AI and machine learning don't necessarily need to be interacted with so obviously. It can be in the background providing you with extra value without you even knowing it. Great examples of this are the AI developments of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. they have created a neural network that protects copyright. Artificial intelligence thus makes the user experience so much better. There's little to no duplicate content. Plus as a contributor, you know your content is safe.

Finally, you can build tech that actually delivers tailored content by teaching a neural network to learn your preferences. By understanding what as a user you like, AI can deliver associated products/services by learning consumer behaviour. For example, let's think about an app that can deliver great travel ideas. Let's say that you are travelling to work. If the platform knows when you are travelling, where you are travelling to, what your food preferences are and what hobbies you like it could give you great suggestions including:

  • The best restaurants to visit in-line with your food preferences that have available tables
  • What concert or sporting event ideas you could attend in-between meetings
  • What attractions or local events you should visit

App Idea 2 – Augmented Reality (AR)

Mobile App Idea Inspiration - AR Game Pokemon Go

AR Game: Pokemon Go

So, the app you like shows how you look when you get old, or how would you look if you were in the 1990s? Snapchat started the trend but there are so many other tech companies driving down that same path. Just look at Apple's most recent iOS updates and everything that is possible with AR. Augmented Reality is set to shape what you see and how you interact with your smartphone. Developers are finding new and exciting ways to deliver AR, not just through apps but also through web technologies.

These applications are not limited to entertainment. Other industries are also adopting this technology, such as the e-commerce industry. These applications use AR to provide key tools to make the purchase experience much better. For example, interior decorating firms are using apps to illustrate what a particular piece of furniture would look like in your house right now.

Augmented Reality is also set to completely change the education industry. It will Empower teachers to make the curriculum more attractive and informative. Educators know that the learning process should be all about creativity and interaction. AR will allow the average students to find interest in otherwise difficult subjects to teach, like science.

Here are some likely applications of AR in education:

  • To boost engagement in the classroom
  • To visually aid with abstract and difficult concepts
  • To aid in discovery outside the classroom (eg in Museums)

App Idea 3 – Virtual Reality (AR)

Mobile App Ideas: Virtual Reality

VRs Most Popular Headset: The Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the fastest-growing technologies. It's been received into many different industries due to its powerful ability to completely redefine how we interact with media such as video and TV. This technology has also redefined the online gaming industry by changing the way users play online video games. 

Unlike augmented reality (AR) which is capable of integrating with any type of virtual object in the real environment, VR places the user into a completely virtual world. The potential for VR development in the app world by linking your iOS or Android phone to a portable VR headset is huge. Plus as it becomes more affordable, the potential to make money from a related app ideas increases tenfold. Therefore if you are considering a business in this industry it's time to start now and here are a few ideas that might help.

  • A VR dating app
  • VR in education
  • Virtual Tourism
  • Healthcare delivered through a virtual reality

App Idea 4 – Blockchain Technology

App Idea: Blockchain Technology - Bitcoin

Blockchain Technology – Bitcoindeas

Bitcoin and blockchain technology didn't quite disrupt technology as Satoshi intended back in 2009. Recently, however, digital currencies, the Internet of Things and the blockchain have become widely more popular. Blockchain has the potential to change the way that we communicate, transact and even view the internet. It is re-shaping the web and proving new and exciting ideas to start earning money online.
However unlike the 3 ideas above its still trying to find its feet. Therefore to give you some inspiration, I want to give you a couple of industries where blockchain is already changing the landscape:

  • Payment and money transfers
  • Smart contracts
  • Verification
  • Loyalty programs

Conclusions: Choosing the right app idea for 2020

I will leave you with a warning. You have to be careful about the app ideas you choose to move forward within 2020. App ideas of old are becoming less and less likely to actually make money.

Instead, you need to choose your new tech business wisely. Earning money from an app is all about understanding trends in the market. If your app can solve a problem with a new technology or at very least in a completely different way to your competitors you have a chance. Even better if your business solves a problem that currently does not have a solution.

As a tip, find a developer that has been in the market for some time and can offer you advice about validating your ideas. Here at Devwiz, we are Sydney based Software Developers, specializing in mobile app development. We put on workshops for our clients that enable them to understand how they will launch their app. These cover key pieces of strategy, such as idea validation and outline exactly how the business will earn money. If you're looking for advice, a business strategy session or to take part in one of our 1 on 1 tech workshops, please get in touch today.

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