The Benefits of Hiring an App Development Agency

Author: James DevelopmentNovember 19, 2019

The Rise of App Development

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have overtaken the use of desktop as a primary method of accessing the internet. In fact that they now serve various functions that have become an integral aspect of people’s daily lives. Beyond the standard function of making calls and messaging, mobile devices now extend to other activities involving mobile applications, which is what makes smartphones and tablets distinct from a classic desktop device. This has, in turn, lead to the rise of the app development agency.

To explain further; mobile apps serve to expand the functionality of a mobile device, combining personal, professional, and entertainment uses all on one simple-to-use device. Apps can be accessed on the go and can include anything from productivity apps like spreadsheets and emails, all the way to games and streaming apps. As a result, the mobile application industry is booming more than ever.

To that end, if you have a mobile application project in mind, there are multiple options to choose from:

  • Build an in-house software development team;
  • Outsource to a freelance developer;
  • Hire a mobile app development company.

This article aims to share the advantages of hiring a development company and how it can benefit your business:

Benefit #1: Offers a One-Stop-Shop for Comprehensive Mobile App Development

Whether your business is a start-up, a mid-sized organization, or a large-scale brand, developing a large project such as a mobile application is a comprehensive task. You need the right equipment and personnel to garner seamless results. That's why, rather than hiring a team of experts in-house, many businesses look to software development agencies. Such companies hold all the necessary technologies and industry-tested skills to successfully create an app. A typical agency should combine all the following specialists:

  • Tech Consultants
  • Web Developers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Database Engineers
  • UAT Testers

The best part about investing in a contract-based relationship with a development company is that it offers a one-stop destination for you're project. This includes business consultation, idea validation, design, development, and testing. Agencies also follow up with technical maintenance and support once the app has been launched. Essentially you get a pool of experts, which offer round-the-clock team availability with a hassle-free workflow that promises to meet practical deadlines.

Benefit #2: Cost-Effective Mobile App Development

When hiring freelancers or an in-house IT developer to create a mobile app, the one-man team will never be able to meet definitive timelines. This is because it takes time to prepare, develop, and conduct all the necessary tasks prior to launch. This means that when you are paying someone by the hour (in-house or a contractor) your budget will vary depending on the hours spent. You may also have to facilitate other factors such as training or payment for necessary tools and materials, all necessary for developing an app. To save yourself from blowing your budget and to steer you away from losing control of the project’s timeline, the best and most cost-friendly solution is to simply hire a mobile app development company.

Our contracts, for example, always involve a fixed cost, which covers the hourly rate and other terms of the agreement. We also provide a full price breakdown so you can see what each feature will cost you. That means if we encounter anything that slows the process down, you do not shoulder that cost. Plus the overhead expenses will be significantly less than managing an in-house team.

Benefit #3: All Legal Obligations are Handled

The digital medium is a limitless cyberspace that offers a bevvy of benefits. However, you can come across issues in the legal space. Fraud, infringement of copyright, and artistic theft are all legal issues that cannot be overlooked. That’s why it’s in your best interest to invest in a company that has a notable reputation. Professional mobile app development companies eliminate the risk of falling into legal traps, along with the benefit of sorting out necessary documents from the start of the project.

We’re an app development agency based in Sydney, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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