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Are you a Bartercard member, looking for software or web development services?

If so, Devwiz can offer you an array of services that can help you launch new projects, boost your sales or automate manual processes, all through the development of web and mobile applications.

You can book a call back using this link or learn more below:

1. The Elevator Pitch

We build technology that can change how a business operates by automating and streamlining otherwise long winded and menial tasks. By integrating a piece of custom LaunchPadD tech into your business you are guaranteed to either save money by substantially reducing wasted time or increase revenue by automating key sales tasks. We solve problems and free up your key personnel to work on the business not in the business.

2. What’s Software Development?

Software Development is the process of building custom software to meet a certain need in an industry. Essentially we build products for mobile, web, desktop and the Cloud, all with the aim of solving a problem or making something more efficient.

Within this you typically find the following sub-categories:

  • Mobile Apps – anything that runs off your mobile or tablet.
  • Web Development – more than just a website, this is the creation of a program that runs online, usually providing a customer portal or front facing service.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – custom software tailored to your services and client base, which allows you to keep track of clients, automate communication and analyse key metrics.
  • Data Systems – analysing of “Big Data” to yield sellable market data and/or key company reports.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – custom software that allows you to manage information: everything from web content to stocktaking software
  • Integrations – mini pieces of software that integrate two or more other systems your business currently use.
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – when a company employs multiple different systems, an ERP is house at the centre, providing a means to access, analyse and control all core business operations from one place.

3. How Can We Help You?

If you run a business, we’re here to increase your bottom line. We do this by a combination of:

  1. Employing tech solutions to manual or slow tasks that may be prone to human error.
  2. Integrating automated processes that allow you as the business owner to sit back, assured that your tasks are taken care of.
  3. Giving your clients a portal or another medium (like a mobile app) for you to communicate and ultimately upsell your services.
  4. Launching new products and new ideas in the innovative web or mobile applications.

We are not just tech people, our founders have a much broader business experience, from running their own startups to business development and marketing. That means it’s great if you come to us with an understanding of what you want to do but it’s not a necessity. When you don’t know how you can leverage tech, our team will work with you and highlight any problems in your company that cost you time or money and propose a tech solution.

4. Typical Business Solutions

We’d like to put all this into perspective and give you some examples of common problems in business that can be easily solved by building custom tech. We’ll also give you, the business owner, a rough idea of how this solution will benefit you, whether it be time saving or a means to increase sales revenue.

Still using excel or paper files to manage your companyA custom CMS to manage all your data and automate processesMassive time saving, usually 5-10 hours per week
My current CRM doesn’t do what I need it toA custom built CRM tailored to your servicesTime saving and increased sales
My current CRM is too expensive and complicated to useTrade in monthly payments and pay a one off fee for your own CRMLong term cost saving
I can’t keep track of my staffGet a custom management system that not only ensures your staff do what they should but gives them the resources they needStaff become more productive and you save time on management
I have a lot of leads but not enough time to follow them all up via email of phone.Automate your communication (after expressions of interest, quotes and so on) through a custom marketing CRMIncrease sales revenue and reduce time wasted on bad leads
Not enough time to keep in touch with old clientsCreate a portal or new medium to keep in touchIncreased retention
Don’t have a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s notCreate a data system and generate reports to track your business opsIncrease revenue by improving your strategy
Using too many separate programs/systemsCentralise your ops using an ERP that integrates all your software into one placeMassive time saving

5. Typical Software Prices

Just as every business is different, each tech solution will be unique and tailored towards your business. That means that prices vary.

However we have put together some typical solutions to give you an idea of our pricing:

  • Software
    • Simple CMS – from $4,000
    • Simple CRM – from $5,000
    • Client portal – from $5,000
    • Staff Management System – from $7,500
    • Simple Data System – from $8,000
    • ERP – from $10,000
  • Mobile Apps
    • Client Portal – from $7,500
    • E-Commerce App – from $9,000

We also offer various hosting, website, branding and marketing services to our software development clients.

6. Bartercard Deals

We also have some special deals that we have put together just for Bartercard members. These currently include:

  • Setup of a basic WordPress Site – B$2k
  • Custom UI/UX Graphics Design 4 pages/screens – B$2k
  • Branding – New Logo for your business or project – B$2k
  • Rebranding – Upgrade your Logo, Business Cards and Letterhead – B$2.5k
  • Pitch Deck – Design a custom pitch deck with sales driven content – B$2.75k
    1 to 1 tech workshops to help you define the perfect tech solution – from B2.5k

7. Custom Software

Please don’t get concerned if none of the above fits the bill. A lot of what we do is completely customised and cannot be generalised, from entrepreneurial startup ideas to specialised business services. 

8. Learn More

If you interested in learning more about any of the Bartercard solutions we offer, including discussing a custom solution, please book a call back using this link.

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